TExES Science 4-8 (116) Teacher Certification

If you want to teach 4-8 Science, you will need to pass the TExES Science 4-8 exam. This exam is a computer-administered test (CAT) that does not require hand-written responses. The Science 4-8 exam contains 100 questions and is made up entirely of selected-response questions. There are no essays, graphing, or other constructed responses. You will be provided with a question and asked to select an answer out of a list of possible correct answers.

On test day, you'll be given 5 hours to complete the exam. The 5-hour testing period is broken up into two parts:

  • A 15 minute section that contains the compliance agreement for the exam and a tutorial on how to take the test.
  • A 4 hour and 45 minute main section where you will answer the 100 exam questions.

Your college transcripts will be reviewed. A minimum of 24 credit hours in Biology are required. Chemistry/Physics/Geology classes preferred.

If you do not have the necessary credit hours for Science 4-8, you can take the TX PACT to qualify for the program.

The TExES Science 4-8 exam has an exam fee of $116. The test is scored on a scale from 100 to 300, with 100 being the lowest possible score and 300 being the highest. A passing score is 240 and because this exam covers a wide range of science and education principles, it can be rather difficult to pass. However, it is by no means the toughest TExES test - the TExES 4-8 Science difficulty can probably be rated as "medium". Based on statistics, an average of 61% of test-takers passed the exam on the first try.

WCACP will provide you with free study material and practice tests so that passing the Science 4-8 exam will be an easy feat.

If you are interested in getting your Texas teaching certificate in Science 4-8, submit your application for free today and a program specialist will review your college transcripts to see if you are eligible.