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Debit/Credit Card Authorization Form


I authorize etools4Education, LLC for services offered through the Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program to withdrawal payments during my internship. You have the choice to set-up your payments using a debit, credit card, or through bank drafts.

The Payment Schedule tab in the My WCACP portal will outline your payment amount and withdrawal date during your internship. If funds are not available when payment is attempted, a $35 service fee will be processed for each occurrence.

In order to be recommended by WCACP for a standard certificate, you must have all program fees paid in full. A zero program balance is required before a standard certificate request will be processed by the program.

Third party payments are accepted as a method of payment during your internship. If this option is selected, the third party will be responsible to make payments on your behalf during the internship assignment.

This authorization shall remain in effect for the entire duration of your internship and/or until your balance is paid in full.

A $5.00 charge will process once you submit your payment information in order for us to validate the debit/credit card. The $5.00 will be credited toward your remaining balance owed to WCACP.

Your monthly payments won’t start until your scheduled start date outlined on the payment schedule within the My WCACP Portal. Click Here to view.

Payment date change requests can be sent to Johnnie Jackow at

NOTE: Payment dates cannot be changed beyond 45 days from the day we issue your probationary or intern certificate unless a down payment is made on your account. Click Here to make a down payment of any amount. A down payment can also be made if you want to lower your monthly payments.

Click here if you want to setup your monthly payments using an ACH with your bank account.

Amount: $5.00
Payment verification